Palistine Must Be Free

Today, March 27, 2010, my son and I went to a demonstration for Palestine. As far as Demonstrations go, it was pretty tame. We had, in fact, arrived late, yet we were able to catch up with the marchers.
“Not a nickel, not a dime/ no more money for Israels crime”, “From the river to the sea/ Palestine must be free.”, “From Iraq to Palestine/ Occupation is a crime”. Followed by “Takbir … AllahuAkbar.”
A few speakers said a few words, and in reality, I have to say that the floride is really destroying the ability of people in Amerikkka to fight back; as it was used in both the Soviet gulags and the Nazi German consentration/work/death camps . Alot of folks used it as a day out with the family.
We left a bit early but there was no violence when we left and I don’t foresee any violence. And I am by no stretch of the imagination advocating violence; it’s just that there is such a level of apathy in this society that all protest is flacid and will avail naught in the long run.
I saw very little interaction with the demonstrators and the passers-by. I can’t tell you what happened before I got there or after I left. However, for the hour or so I was there (from about 4-5) that important element was, for the most part, none existent.
The police, no shock here, had the demonstrators penned into what must have been legally deemed a free speech zone. Aside from that, I found that they were quite professional in the demeanor and manners. I heard a few hecklers but they were not really of the mind to start problems, thus I deem them just to be obnoxious.
I hate to say this but the only way to wake up a population as asleep as the Amerikkkan public is either with a slap, a deafening BOOM, or a gallon of ice cold water. The trick is to phrase the plight of the Palestinian people with such force that is instantly and in the same breath eliminates all the propaganda of the Zionist machine in one motion. And renders all the years of propaganda to be worthless and all attempts thereafter to be fruitless.


One response to “Palistine Must Be Free

  1. I need to add a few ‘day after’ thoughts. It dawned on me that I failed to mention how many of the young sisters were in hijab(covering the hair). Yet, their faces were caked in make up. Some were not in hijab.
    When one of the brothers started to chant something more militant, and my Arabic is not good enough to understand exactly what he was saying, he was swiftly shut down by another young brother who must have been with the organizers. Whatever he was saying must have been strong because the youth responded rather vigorously.
    I have to say that puzzled me because what he said WAS in Arabic. The passers-by, the majority anyway, were most likely English speakers.
    The young men seemed to me, at first glance, to be your typical Westernized teens and young adult males. I think, and Allah forgive me for feeling this way, you would be hard pressed to find one who made all five Salats, not that I’ve been diligent myself.
    What it boils down to is that unless the Palestinian people are willing to fly the banner of Islam above the flag of Palestein than they will not be successful. Look into a lecture series entitled “Heroes of Islam” and listen to the lecture about Shaykh Abdullah ‘Azzam. He left the jihad in Palestine for Afghanistan due to a lack of even the most minimal religious behavior on the part of the Palestinians he fought with.

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