Who is more dangerous…

I had a passenger, I’m a cab driver, a while ago who was a yuppie. Politically she would classify herself as liberal. After about a minute or two into the conversation she stated how we disagreed on too many things. And with that she ceased talking to me.
However, before this point she mentioned how she sits on the board of some childrens advocacy thing at Columbia Presbyterian. I mentioned a New York State law that says children can get treated of sexually transmitted diseases without parental consent. I told her how reprehensible this is to me. She thinks it the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Yet, she had no children. This was sometime ago, but if memory serves me correct, she didn’t have a husband or boyfriend, so she has no natural prospects of having children. This is what really upset me about her.
As a father of four I find this type of subterfuge completely repulsive. In truth if I found out that somebody had convinced my daughters to do something like this behind my back the rage that would burst forth would destroy everything in it’s path.
It’s people like her who have destroyed families. They accept every deviant behavior but when someone objects to an act that can break the bonds of trust between family and friends they cry and bemoan about backwardness. And when it is pointed out to them that 100-200 years ago the type of weak morals and deviant behavior that has become cancerous to our society didn’t exist, they project their perverted mind set back into history and claim that HAD to have existed and it just was not reported! This is akin to those in the medical profession; when you tell them that modern rate of cancer is abnormal they respond, “no, we just didn’t have the detection techniques we have now.” A projection of what they desire to see as normal back through history. So, in fact, the modern lifestyle that is literally KILLING so many, is justified.
So, I wonder who is more dangerous? At least the war manger or the evangelical is open in their hatred. You know where they stand. And when you attempt to have an open minded discussion with someone from either one of these camps, it can become heated, but they don’t shut down. Yet the liberal will hide behind their head phones, avoiding any confrontation, waiting till my daughters come of age so they can deceive them into believing that, “it’s ok to get on your back for every guy, and don’t worry if you get sick, your dad won’t have to know if you need a course of antibiotics or an abortion.”
I pray Allah Guide me to guide my little girls to be wise enough to see the Devil in liberal clothes!! Guide right the liberals who do mean well to open their minds to discussion and debate. Make them see how there are people who are controlling them and need them to help destroy the family, thus the community, thus the nation, thus the world. Guide the liberal to understand the truth about themselves, that they do not know better just because they have a masters degree. Make them to understand that they have been manipulated by people who are evil, love evil, and seek to sow the seeds of evil that their master, I seek refuge in Allah from him, wishes to reap on the day mankind is gathered naked and scared.
Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

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