What it’s REALLY all about. (or ‘Gates let the cat out of the Bag

Ok, it’s out! The reality of the rationale for the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq! Did you see it?
‘RAMADI, Iraq (AP) – Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday that history will judge whether the war in Iraq was worth it. Gates was less definitive about whether the 7 1/2-year war was worthwhile. That judgment “really requires a historian’s perspective,” and will depend in part on whether Iraq emerges as a democratic anchor in the Middle East, Gates told reporters after his Ramadi visit. “I believe our men and women in uniform believe we have accomplished something that makes the sacrifice, the bloodshed, not to have been in vain,” he said. “How it all weighs in the balance remains to be seen.”‘
There it is. Did you miss it? The REAL reason for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Well then here it is again, “Gates was less definitive about whether the 7 1/2-year war was worthwhile. That judgment “really requires a historian’s perspective,” and will depend in part on whether Iraq emerges as a democratic anchor in the Middle East, Gates told reporters after his Ramadi visit.”
A democratic anchor in the Middle East. And this fits perfectly with the plan laid out in the Project For a New American Century document entitled “Rebuilding Americas Defenses,” which I do recommend you peruse at your leisure.
And please don’t be confused, for when the major media writes of ‘democracy’ they do not mean ‘One man on Vote’, or even the more literal meaning of ‘Rule of the people’. What they mean, in fact, is the ability to go to the shopping mall. Run up a hugh debt with a credit card. Watch mind numbing sitcoms about immature adults. Be an adulter or a sodomite and not have the scorn of your neighbors. And all the other social ills that have become societal norms.
We are witnessing a master plan in action. A plan to destroy the last real obstacle in the path of the Satanic system. Islam.
Unlike Christianity and Judaism, in Islam there are no ‘clerics’, there are no ‘professional’ clergy; even though the mainstream media uses the term ‘Islamic Cleric’. However, there is scholarship and a body of knowledge from which all Muslims are welcome, and in certain instances obligated, to explore.
It is only necessary for a few to take more time to study the intricates of the Shariah. However, it is necessary for every Muslim man and woman to make a study of the areas of the Shariah that personally affect them. Examples include how one washes for prescribed five daily prayers, how to offer them, how to fast, how much Zakat or obligatory charity needs to be paid, etc..
And of supreme importance is the concept of the COMPLETE prohibition of usury.
The Imam, in most cases is not a paid position per se, having a paid Imam is the choice of the Jamaa’ or local community.
However, the biggest difference is that most Muslims know what their personal obligations are. Their personal obligations to themselves, their families, their local communities or neighbors, & most importantly, they understand that they have an obligation to their Ummah, or the international. Thus it is much more difficult for the laws of the shariah to be manipulated.
Of course we must exclude those who wish to alter ayat of verses of Qur’an in order to suit their own desires. Such persons, however, tend not get very far because the Qur’an prepares us for their emergence {3:7}.
Yet the enemies of mankind, and Muslims specifically, will continue their attempts to manipulate us all into believing their religion of Materialism. This religion in reality is worship of Satan and his minions, known to Muslims a Iblis wa junoodohu, and I seek refuge in Allah from him!
In addition to Gates’ statement mentioned above, we can also take into account that the reality of the situation is a ‘bait & switch’. The majority of U.S. soldiers are to be replaced by private contractors. Mercenaries whose loyalty is to their pay masters. The blood they shed means nothing to them and because they are private contractors whose company doesn’t care about the lives they take, and so they are free to take more and will do so.
Now that it is clear, let us not be duped by the parlor tricks of the current White House. The intent is to continue the agenda of occupation, both military and intellectual, and destroy Islam and thereby any opposition to the oppression of the Materialist dogma.
It must be constantly born in mind that the current culture the majority of us exist in is not the same as the elite. Most people live for the moment or at the most the next five years. On the other hand, the ruling elite exist in a world in which five years is the minimum and, if one notes the title of a book by Charles Galton, the next million years is quite in the realm of their thinking.
I would like to thank, in closing, Mr. Alan Watt of for the insight he provides nightly.

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