Why the Daily News is not a friend of the working folk

I just got home. Had to buy milk, so I went to the bodega closest to my apartment.
They still had the Daily News from earlier to-day out for sale. I can’t explain what made me pick it up, the cover was about some drunken footbal player, not exactly earth shattering news, not relivant to any one in the grand scheme of things.
Inside, however, I saw somethng that disgusted me, especially since I was once the victim of a similar slander.
It was a story about New York State employees and how much they make in overtime. and to add insult to injury, the Daily News actually posted the names of individual employees, their base salaries, and how the made more than their base pay in overtime!
This type of hatered towards people who don’t mind spending extra time at work is how the media is working to undermine us all. As hard and as tight as the economy has been in the past two years, can anyone fault those who need to work more than 40 hours a week? The same outlet, The Daily News, will give kudos to the economic vampires, known commonly as invesment bankers, or a gambler who wins the lottery. Yet, a State mental health worker who puts in extra hours, they are to be tared and feathered, sat backwards on a donkey and run out of the State.
Shame on you Daily News.
(P.S. I didn’t read the article because the way the headline was written gave me enough).

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