The New Pirates of the Caribeen

Last Sunday night I picked up a couple who were returning from Puerto Rico after a Caribean cruise. I was a little sickened when they mentioned how the T.S.A. boarded the ship in St. Croix.
“Wow!,” I thought, “has there been a terrorist threat against that small island.”
However, as this thought completed it’s reverberation across my inner minds ear I heard her mention something about having fear over their bowl (not the kind one eats from) and how the dogs frightened them something terrible.
So, the T.S.A. has been recuited in the war on drugs. I suppose now the N.S.A. will be aiming their billion plus dollar apparatis at ghetto corners and night club bathrooms the catch junkies, pill freaks and crackheads!
And the ostrich puts his head in the sand.


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