The NY Gubanitorial Debate and the politics of change

I don’t have a television anymore. That is to say we no longer are consumers of live broadcast media. For this reason I was unable to view the debates live. I was able to later see the ‘highlights’ on you tube.
And although I liked the rhetoric Jimmy McMillan of the rent is too damn high party, he would be much better for New York City because rent is not a hugh issue outside the city.
I have heard a lot from Charles Barron and he seems as if he is best for the state.
However, I don’t vote anymore for two reasons.
1) Voting is between kufr (disbelief) and haraam (forbidden).
2) In the framework of the two party system Americans are forced to vote, the majority of the time, for the lesser of two evils.
When I state that voting is between disbelief in Allah and his messenger, Muhammad, peace & blessing be upon him, it is because of several reasons that deal with the shariah principals of ruler ship and governance. Primarily, no candidate states that they will work to implement shariah or, at the very least, insure that any Muslim who is brought before a judge in any of the court systems, from criminal to civil, will have the right, if they desire to be judged by the shariah.
The Qur’aan, which is the final revelation of the Creator to mankind in a pristine and unmolested form, clearly states that anyone who judges by other that Allah’s book is a disbeliever, an oppressor and a corrupter (Surah Al-Ma’idah 5 [The Table Spread Out] verses 44-47).
Since all the candidates are in favor of the legislative model used here, they fall under the categories that Allah has given us in the Qur’aan. As a Muslim, I understand that it is only through the law that Allah has given us in the Shariah will the halls of “just us” be made into the halls of justice.
F.Y.I. The word shariah literaly means a road that leads to water. If you study the shariah then you will know how to quench the thirst that your soul feels in this desert of our materialistic society.


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