A lack of understanding and openess from a Neo-Salafi

As-Salaam ‘Alykum,
I have been Muslim for about 8 years. I admit that I have not been that strong and I made the mistake early; on not to find a Shaykh or a guide to help me to understand when I should add a piece of the sunnah to my life so that I don’t break from the pressure of the deen.
There is a pressure and it is ment to help subjicate the nafs and the aid one in the fight with the qareen or the shaytan who whispers to YOU.
For each one of us has a shaytan that has been assigned to destroy our trust in Allah and wind us up in the raging black fires of hell. However, the true deen is still there. It is incumbant upon each human being to find out for themselves to learn the true deen. It is a simple matter of discernment. To understand firstly, in my opinion, the serrah or the life of the Prophet Muhammadn Salla Allahu ‘alyhi wa sallam, and how he treated his companions. Then the lives of the Anbiya or Prophets and their work. Then to learn about the truth about history and where it is headed. Then understand the future and how the Prophet have explained the battle between us and shaytan, Allah protect us from his mischief.
Here is a series of links the first being the first place one should look. It is my humble opinion that one of the major tools in the arsenal in the shaytan, Allah protect us from his trickery, is to weaken and destroy our belief in the unseen as having immediate and daily effect on our lives.
For I have met Muslims who don’t belive that jinn can effect our daily existance or that they can manifest themselves to people. Or that the Prophet, ‘alayhi salatu wa sallam, hears our salams to him and returns them.
Second, is this concept or notion that politics need not be spoken of in the Masjids or Mosques when Islam has no consept of secularism. A muslim should not seperate his religious beliefs from what he or she sees as a political life.
Please learn and study.











http://www.hopetoheal.org/case_studies.html (about Addiction and Ayaat that heal)







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