I wonder about the mass of people today. I have heard from the mouths of individuals whom I considered to be somewhat intelligent that there does exist a necessity for the beuracracy of our modern life. And that as restrictive as this beuracracy is & even through it lives only by the threat of violence and the aquesance of most people we still live in a free country.
Most of the time a jusxtposition will be used. Compared to another country we are free. However compared to the truth, the ultimate reality of justice, the Khilafah of the Four Rightly Guide Khalifah, even compared to America of 100 years ago we live in a POLICE state.
Well it is high time that those of us who see through the wool that covers most of the sheeps eyes shout the TRUTH from what ever venue we find. The powers that be have pushed us to the edge of a precipice. And now they have maneuvered us into pushing one another off that they may sneak off to the back; hiding in a vantage point by where their sinister menichal laughter can’t be heard by us.


One response to “WAKEUP CALL

  1. Asalaamu alaikum, I agree with you that the situation that we are in is undeniable but you know if the media and government keep telling this not so free people that they ARE FREE they will then just stop asking questions and accept everything the way it is. People need to unplug themselves from this Orwellian mindset because its insanity We have all been there at one point or another. its just a matter of time until people wake up but the problem is that it may come at a time when it is then too late.

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