Why America needs the Shariah

It has become apparent to almost everyone that America, as a nation, is having severe problems economically. However, the discourse has been limited to two “polar opposites”. One being what has been labeled as ‘Free-Market Capitalism’ & the other is ‘State Organized Communism’ (or Communitarinism which is basically the same thing). The argument is basically limited to these two constructs because they are easy to control. For the lucifarian elite, and you dear reader must find why I select to call the such, have had about one hundred and fifty to two hundred years to manipulate the current flow of both the aforementioned constructs.
Now the truth, the law of Allah which governs the UNIVERSE is to submit to his will. The Creator has given only us, as people, and jinn free will to chose whether or not we will submit to his will. Yet unlike having to seek out how to run an economy by observing how the rest the Creation functions in it’s beautiful effiancy Allah, the Rare The Wise, has sent us messengers and the Seal of the Messengers Muhammad, Allah Bless him and give him peace.
In the Shariah the finacial instruments that have been used to enslave the majority of mankind to obey the currupt satanic elite because the convinced the average person to accept usuary or intrest which the average person can not afford to ever pay back.
Allah has said, in the translation of the meaning of the Qur’an, he declares that riba or usary the one who eats from Riba will be raise like one who is beaten in the head by the Shaytan. Those who eat from the wealth of Riba is considered and ENEMY OF THE CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH! Bewarer of a Declaration of WAR from Allah and his Messenger. Which means that now we as Muslims have the responsbility to fight, in thought, word, & deed, those who suck the blood of the people through usuary! This means that the completly unnatural growth of wealth through Riba will cease.
The taking of Zakat and the jiziyah, which is two and one half percent of wealth that a person has posessed for more than one year is then given to those who truly in need.
The foundations that have blossomed in the last two hundred would all be investigated to see what the fruits of the work have been. If they are against the Shariah, then they are finished, their wealth confiscated and given to repair what they have destroyed. An hypothetical example of this would be the destruction of Planned Parenthood and their wealth given to The Nation of Islam, The Moorish Science Temple of America, the Black Panther Party (the non-Communist branch) or any other group that promotes the restitution of marriage in the Black-American community. Why? Because Planned Parenthood was founded by Margret Sanger to promote birthcontrol and abortion in the Black community as a covert method of genocide against Us!
There are many other facets of American life that would be healed by the Shariah. The consept of porongrahy in the shariah is that anytime the human body is displaied with is natural beauty of form or nakedness exposed is pornographic. This would meant that all the women who suffer from body dismorphic syndrome, a disorder in which women percive themselves in a way inconsistant with how others see them, i.e. skinny women see them selves as fat, beautful women with a few small pimples see a ‘pizza-face’ in the mirror, etc. would have their burden lightened as they would no longer have the airbrushed so-called flawless images in women’s magazines to compare themselves with.

The trash books written that claim that Jesus was a Sodomite, or Noah was a drunk, or the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless them all and grant them peace, was a pediphile would be removed from the shelves, thus returning some reverance and respect to the Prophets that Allah has sent and restoring the sacred texts to their proper position in human life.

The most important facet of the Shariah that would be instilled in the Judges is that everything is HALAAL except what is CLEARLY written in the sacred texts. This means that without clear evidence that some thing is deemed to be Haram by the Creator, then it MUST be allowed. After this you  can stand back and watch society florish….
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One response to “Why America needs the Shariah

  1. Asalaamu alaikum, FIRST The majority of people need to wake up and stop blindly believing in this system that only benefits the 1% elite. I was watching the O’reilly factor last night and all this elitist bastard knew how to do was to try to fool his mostly thoughtfully and financially broke audience into STILL supporting capitalism the system that only is fruitful for the small elite that can gain something from it while the people who have the most to lose from this satanic system still support this detrimental ideology that only hurts the rest of us. He calls his helpers the “CULTURE WARRIORS”. Yes they were just a couple of bobble head women that love to joyfully regurgitate the fox news elitist war mongering garbage.

    We have got to start from the bottom and work our way up because this system of transgression needs to be stopped before a system of justice and equality can be established.

    So what do you think about this occupy wall street movement?

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