11/9/11 Will we see disaster?

Will we see disaster? Check out these links and judge for yourself. And remember the hadith of the prophet Muhammad, Allah’s blessings and peace upon him and his kinsfolk and companions and his followers till the day of judgement, (this is paraphraseing of the Arabic) If you are planting a seed on the day of judgement, plant it anyway.


2 responses to “11/9/11 Will we see disaster?

  1. I really don’t think so. For years i’ve noticed that people will get all hyped up about a soon date and there is speculation that something big will happen. for the most part nothing ever dose happen that is so huge that it will always be remembered on dates like these.

    before i thought that somethings might happen on some date but most days end up being like any other regular day.

    • Only Allah and those who plot know the days they have planned for disaster. However, the ‘Rulers’ of this Western-Dajjal system LOVE numerology and their little ‘inside jokes’. And it must really upset them when those who are awake look and think and ponder out-loud about the possibilties. FEMA has already been forced to alter their plans regarding the take over of broadcast stations so perhaps other plans have been altered as well.

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