My only way to Jannah

Allah has promised those who fight in his cause with there wealth and lives Paradise.

 A Paradise that no eye has seen and no ear has heard and no heart has conceived.

I want that.

I don’t want to see the fire prepared for the sinner, the kafir, the oppressor, The tyrant; a fire that has burned until it’s flames went from red to yellow to white to black. Whose inhabitants has skin twenty-some-odd arm lengths thick.
Yet I have been weak since I first bore witness to the fact that their is nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the Worlds, Allah, who is far from all imperfection.
I maybe, perhaps, foolish for writing this publicly, yet, I hear Hell calling me, I smell, faintly, my flesh roasting, until I strive & struggle with my person and wealth to make the Word of Allah & the Shariah (which from my research means in the classical Arabic ‘a road that leads to water, so it quenches the thirst of the human soul for internal and external justice, not Amerikkkan Criminal just-us) which is the law he has prescribed for our salvation, in both personal and public lives.
I need help however. Just as Allah says in the Qur’aan, I need to be amongst the truthful, and those who are repentant, those who think, those who are patient, those who are the vanguard, of the ummah and themselves and their families, and their own minds.
This is my crying in the wilderness, my cry for help. If anyone out their can help me to achieve Jannah by the path available to me please do so. And please don’t think that I have despaired from the Mercy & Forgiveness of Allah, it’s just that I understand the need for deep and meaningful action. Yet I found myself trapped in a rutine, in a rut as my mom would say.

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