Besieged Sanctuary and obstructed pilgrims

Sheik Ayman Al-Zawahiri: Besieged Sanctuary and obstructed pilgrims The Hajj season has commenced, and the “Appointed Time” which Allah mentioned in the Quran has arrived:
  “Hajj is [during] well-known months…” (The Holy Quran, Surah 2. “The Cow”, verse 197)  
Hence millions of Muslim hearts start to crave the sacred House of Allah and to offer the rites of Hajj; rites such as the Tawaaf, the Day of Arafah, the station of Muzdalifah, the short stay at Mina, and the rest of the rites of Hajj – the love of which is engrained in the hearts of millions of Muslims.
  “That [is so]. And whoever honors the symbols of Allah – indeed, it is from the piety of hearts”. (The Holy Quran, Surah 22. “The Pilgrimage”, verse 32)  
But today, America and its bondswomen from the House of Saud stand as obstacles between the Muslims and the rites of Hajj. The embassies of the House of Saud grant visas only to those whom America has no objections, while it refuses it to those who Israel does not agree with. It impedes millions of Mujahideen who seek the House of Allah, as an act of obedience to their masters whose forces today occupy the Arabian Peninsula, and to please their cohorts in Tel Aviv whom the Prophet (pbuh) expelled from Khaibar.  
Those Mujahideen opposed to the puppetry of the Saudi Regime who are able to get through to the House of Allah remain in fear of the servants of the New World Order and their brutal security and intelligence apparatus, which flay skin from flesh to read what is written between them.
  This is how the sanctity of Allah’s Sacred House has been desecrated, this is the fear in which its inhabitants live, and this is the terror its visitors face.  
Not to mention the bloodsuckers of those who have made a business of Hajj and the Mutawif (Hajj Guides) gangs who the criminal House of Saud has forced over the poor and needy Muslims year after year, exacting tribute from the daily provisions of the Muslims with which they amass to later fulfill their lusts and desires, as if Saudi Arabia which floats on seas of wealth is unable to entertain a million or two guests every year.
  Despite the greed of the Saudi regime which seduces it to exact a thousand riyals every year from every pilgrim in return for some measly services provided by the Hajj Guides, not to mention the extraordinary cost of residence along with all other goods which are multiplied manyfold, as an act of hospitality to the Guests of the Merciful (!) (What is even worse today is that the Sacred House has been surrounded by the most expensive of residences, which maybe a maximum of 5 percent of the Muslims can benefit, while the rest of the pilgrims, the vast majority of whom are from the poor and elderly saving income for years to perform this lifetime obligation, are left to walk from far distances in the heat of Makkah five times a day to perform their prayers! O Allah! To you we complain and in You we place our hope to rid us of these gluttonous swines!); despite this greed, each one of their ignobility builds a huge and lofty palace, its pride and pompousness overcrowding the holiness of the stations of Hajj, forming obstacles for the pilgrims in their daily doings and their residence. The wealth of Saudi Arabia is barred from reaching the pilgrims, the poor, and the needy from the Muslims. But their route is well-known: the Jewish banks in America, where it lies to rest.   There is no harm in Saudi Arabia undertaking some efforts of expansion, the cost of which does not reach that of even one palace of the House of Saud, but then comes the role of the its [government] radio, the “Reminders of Favor and Harms” Broadcast which continually reminds the Muslims of the favors of charity given to them by the bandits of the House of Saud (And what to say about the ludicrous who return from Hajj with all praise to the House of Saud, for building a bridge in Mina or their distribution of food, yet blind to the billions in their pockets and far worse, the impediment they form in the establishment of Islam and its empowerment!).
  Yet this was not enough for them! Rather they filled the Sacred House with surveillance equipment and armies of spies and “guides”, to the extent that it is now a snare or security trap, observing all movements and recording all whispers. Even more astonishing is that the House of Saud finds pride in this, announcing and advertising it in their radio!
  Thus this is how the Believers are denied from performing Hajj, because they spoke a bitter word of truth which angered the bandits of the House of Saud and annoyed America and Israel, because they took arms in Afghanistan and Egypt, Algeria and Palestine, against the enemies of Islam.  
O My Beloved Ka’bah! O Revered House of which we are deprived, due to our preoccupation with fulfilling the right of the testimony of Laa ilaaha ill-Allah, the testimony of Tawheed, and due to our preference of the Lord of the [Sacred] House to its robbers! Stand witness for us with Your Lord on that Day when people stand to their Lord!  
O Lord of the [Sacred] House! We take you as witness that the bandits of the House of Saud and their American and Jewish masters have prevented us from visiting your sacred precincts, offering prayer, supplicating and uttering words of remembrance in it! Make this deprivation of theirs a curse over them, and seek revenge from them on behalf of the Muslims. Empower us to enter your House safely and victorious, just as you empowered your Prophet (pbuh) and his noble Companions.
  “You will surely enter the sacred Mosque, if Allah wills, in safety, with your heads shaved and [hair] shortened, not fearing [anyone]. He knew what you did not know and has arranged before that a conquest near [at hand]”. (The Holy Quran, Surah 48. “The Victory”, verse 27)  
“Within three to nine years. To Allah belongs the command before and after. And that day the believers will rejoice”. (The Holy Quran, Surah 30. “The Romans”, verse 4)  
And our final prayer, is that there is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.
  By Abu Abdur-Rahman Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Shawal 27, 1415 AH Source: Al-Mujahideen Magazine, Issue 17, Year 1  
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