It must be taken seriously

Over the past two or three months, I have come to realize the need to remember Allah every minute, no, every SECOND of EVERY DAY. For I lapsed in my level of Sidq. This is a state of mind in which the believer tells the reality of his or her mind to themselves and scrutinizes their intentions ALL the time. This is the only way to be protected from the whispers of the shayateen from the jinn and humans.
I have been forced, painfully, to see that without Allah’s help

I am doomed.
I realize why the Prophet sallalhu alayhi wa sallam, spent a whole khutbah just saying, “I warn you from the fire! I warn you from the fire.”
A momentary lapse was all that The Retreating Whisper needed. The Retreating Whisper who flees in terror passing wind when the Adhan, or call to prayer, is announced. The Retreating Whisperer who entices me to return to the rites of the Spiritually Bankrupt. The rites of passage which lead me to feel tastes of Jennah, the paradise which Allah promised the believers and the patient.
I once read, prior to Allah’s guidence, that their are two roads to Jannah: A simple one by means of poisin which will leave you empty, A difficult one which is moistned with the tears and blood.
The tears shed by those who fear Allah in the middle of the night are diffrent than the tears shed by the one whose desire for something material is so overwhelming that they would prefer to kill than go without.

The blood of the martyr is fragrant, while the blood of the kafir has a stench, just read Abdullah Azzams writing about what he personally experienced prior to his death.
For in these momentary lapses in remembrance The Retreating Whisperer speaks directly to the ego and without Allah’s remembrance and the reminder of the purpose of existence, we are DOOMED.
For the road to perdition is a lovely road full of novelty and and the valleys of the abyss are ripe with the fruit of instant gratification, yet it’s travelers are reminicent to the hungry ghosts from Buddism.
Without Allah to guide us, we are all bound for the fire which throws off sparks the size of castles.
Without Allah to give us a light to chase away the shadows of our caprices and material desires, we will drink from scalding water which melts our lips leaving the distorted and hideous smile of the decaying corpses.
The original home of mankind is Paradise. In my humble opinion, the reason that individuals like me long for those aspects of the dunya aforementioned is because our souls, our spirits remeber our origin more than others.
It is more of a test for us. To know what is possible but not to be able to enjoy it without a deep pain. Or to enjoy a breeze of it now, feel the comfort of home now, but then to feel the black fire of jahnnam, Allah protect us from it, burn us from the inside out. To know that these tastes are contrived by the shaytan to bedazzle us into the fire with him and yet still allow ourselves to partake in these empty and, eventually, destructive rituals is due only to a failure to completely and totally submit to Allah and to begin to live for him.

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