Reading List

As-Salaam ‘Alykum,
The following is a list of books that all should read. The are most likely going to be in the Resistance curriculum, so get a jump on the classes.
I will be adding and refining this list from time, and, as always, your comments, criticisms, questions, and recommendations are always welcome.
I think that three categories of reading are important to correspond with the three aspects of ourselves. That is Body, Mind, Soul, and it must remain in mind at all times that these three are NOT distinct and the boundaries are extremely fluid beautiful the trio.
However, it is the supremecy of the soul, her fortification, and her beautification that is our ambition and purpose.


1) Qur’an (the translation by Saheeh International is my preference, and one should also read the ‘word-for-word’ translations and learn Arabic, which is not as difficult as some want you to believe).
2) The Forty Hadith & Ryadh us-saliheen by Imam Nawawy
3) Ihiya ‘Aloom ad-deen by Imam Al-Ghazzali
4) The Illuminated Prayer: Five Time Prayer of the Sufi (Although this book is NOT written by the classic Sufis who mastered Fiqh and practiced the sunnah it is an aesthetically pleasing rendition of a manual of how to make wudhu and offer as-salat.)
5) Reliance of the Traveler translated by Nuh Hameem Keller
6) Milestones by Said Qutb


1) Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley (bar none this is the BEST book one can read on the history of the last one hundred and sixty/seventy years).
2)The Underground History of American Education
3)Propaganda (By Jacques Eulle and the other book of the same title by Edward Bernays)
4) The Technological Society (Jacques Ellule)
5) The Secret Teaching of All Ages (Manly P. Hall)
6) Age of Manipulation; Key, Brian Wilson
7) In Quest of God & Freedom: Sufi Responses to Russian Advances in the North Caucus; Zelkina, Anna
8) Secret Societies
Brich, Una
9) Impact of Science on Society
Russell, Bertrand
10) Dark Mission
Hoagland, Richard
11) Out of Control
Brezninski, Zbignew
12) Grand Chessboard
“. ”
13) Dumbing Us Down
Gatto, John Taylor
14) A Dying Colonialism
Fanon, Frantz
15) Morals & Dogma
Pike, Albert


1) Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness
Enamait, Ross
2) Warrior Diet
Hofmekler, Ori

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