The war on ‘Terror’ is Over?

According to this article the Obama administration is going to be safe toembrace ‘ Islam. The sad truth is that he will not, because doing so would entail three major changes that would instantly mean the widowhood of Michelle and orphan-hood for his girls.
Let’s together pontificate on what these three major changes would be, their effect on the United States and their effect on the world.
Primarily an embrace of a real Islamic nation would result in the. creation of a new Islamic currency which would be backed by gold, silver, and certain non-perishable commodities; and in the same motion canceling the charters for all riba, or interest, based banks, speculative economic activities and decoupling of this currency from any debts that are owed due to riba.
Further changes to economy would entail changes which would remove the immoral buyer beware attitude which permeates the mentality of most Western sales and marketing. Under some rulings the wide use of women bodies as advertising tools would end. Nudity of an form in movies would be considered prohibited as well as humor that mocks the ‘uncool’ or folks who aren’t ‘with it’. Most of Hollywood products would have to change. Internet sales would have to change to accommodate international sales as a purchase of a product by a buyer who has not seen the product is void, and sorry pictures don’t count!
Secondly, he would have to immediately withdrawal ALL military personal and non-military security contractors. This was and is one of the demands of the so-called terrorist. The fact is that it has been and continues to be the military and the civilian firms such as XE (Blackwater plays the Name Game!) (formerly known as Blackwater Blackwater crimes Blackwater to face inquiry This link to),, DynCorp (here are more DynCorp crimes, and here also and let’s no forget here ) ect., are the biggest threat to the day-to-day safety of people in countries that were targets of the war on terror. Finally, American finacial and military support would have to be completely withdrawn. This is an idea of which would make
AIPAC rip their hair out and call for Obama’s immediate impeachment. And although this would mean that more money would be in the budget for us at home the Israeli military would be left out in the cold, as would many of their military-industrial complex counterparts here at home. It’s not a secret that some Jewish pundits have called Obama the first ‘Jewish’ president. So any delusions that the Neo-Con Right wing may have about him being a closet Muslim are just that.
An extremely well written article on what a end to the ‘War’ on terror would mean here can be seen here at It details how the war on terror has been a boon for the American economy especially for the perverts, mental defectives and pedophiles.
In addition, this may mean that the Freemasonic dark strain is preparing the world for their official third world war. Most of you should know that the Pentagon and military experts consider the third world war to be what is known as the ‘Cold War’.

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