What happened?! I thought it was Over! NAY, it will never end until The Day Humanity is Gathered!!!!

KABUL – A shaheed (martyrdom) attack targeting the Green Village, a large camp belonging to the US-NATO Crusaders ended successfully, more than 43 Crusaders were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday (2/5/2012), as reported by Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in their official website. The operation was planned hurriedly after finding out about Obama’s “surprise visit” to Afghanistan about which Mujahideen came to know in the later hours of last night. As a result, the Green Village, one of the most important and heavily-guarded military base of so-called ISAF, became the quickest target for Mujahideen to smash, as it was planned in an abrupt manner.

A team of four heroic combatants of Islamic Emirate, Ahmad (Parwan province), Muhammad Raza (Kabul), Abdul Bari (Wardak) and Hameed Khan (Takhar), armed with heavy and small arms and explosives, stormed the target, strafing the enemies who were in the Green Village, with Ahmad courageously slamming his explosive-laden vehicle at the gate of the base, rocking the entire base and removing all the security checks and barriers besides flattening some of the rooms where a great number of the security guards were based. Several dozen of the US-NATO and puppet cowardly troops were killed and wounded.

Three out four martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen, after getting into the base, initiated fighting with rockets, heavy and light machine guns, hand grenades and explosive vests till 10 a.m. local time, targeting those inside and killing at least 34 US-Nato forces officers and soldiers as well as taking out more than 9 puppets security guards.

The operation came as a response to Obama’s visit to Afghanistan and was a worst single-day loss for the US-Nato terrorists after Kabul operation involving a series of deadliest attacks on main ISAF base, and a series of embassies, parliament, presidential house and a number of the enemy’s military bases and posts in Kabul city.

No Civilian Casualties

Based on the Mujahideen report, it needs to be known that there was no civilian in the targeted place as it is known to all that no civilian can show up even hundreds of meters away from the any military facility and, in particular, such military facility with strategic importance, no way! Thus the western-influenced mainstream media claims about civilian casualties are absolutely false and everyone knows it.

Message For Obama

The lethal blow to supposed ISAF was a message to Obama that the real Afghans are not those who sign the pact of slavery and selling out their land, contrarily, the true Afghans are those who never let such conspires happen, and root out all such nasty plots and ploys of the enemy by dealing deadliest blows to the invading enemy.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in this way, vow to continue to deal far more rigorous and fatal blows to the enemy and foil its every conspiracy in order to defend the Afghans’ beloved country and safeguard its sovereignty and honor (insha Allah).
الّله اكبر الّله اكبر الّله اكبر

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