Why do Muslims need external Kafir vaildation of their deen?

Since I converted to Islaam about nine years ago I have heard the so-called conversion stories. The most wide spread is the supposed conversion of astronaut Neil Armstrong. The story goes as follows:
During his walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong heard a strange noise in his ear piece. It was a human voice but in a language he didn’t understand.
Later on a trip to Egypt he heard the same sound.
“What is that chanting?”, Armstrong asked his guide.
“It is the Adhan, it is how we Muslims now that it is time to go to prayer.”, was the response of his guide.
The story goes on to say that Armstrong then told his guide that he heard the same sound during the moon walk and then he asked to go to a mosque so that he may convert to Islam.
Other supposed conversions include: Jaques Cousteau, and Will Smith.
This page has a list of individuals who really converted to Islam.
However, the conversion of any so-called celebrity means nothing to most of the Muslims on earth. If Neil Armstrong became Muslim how does that insure salvation for me and family? How does the supposed conversion of Cousteau make me a better Muslim and improve my Iman?
The story of Cousteau contains elements that are supposed to increase our Imaan due to the agreement of science with Qur’aanic revelation. However, the net result of all of these stories is to consume the mind of non-western born Muslims in to a state of mental submission.
The fact is that when these stories are related among Muslims they validate a the Westerner over the Muslims. Then when these same fairy tales are retold to a Westerner by a Muslim, the latter looks like a fool doubly. First for believing such nonsense and secondly for seeing the “convertion-of-a-great-White-man” to Islam as a validation of Islam.
This follows the others who say, “look the scientific outlook has validated Islam!”
In reality the scientific outlook and method has been usurped by the godless hoards for their own purposes. They understood that in order to destroy creation and mankind in the process and drag the majority of us to the fire of hell with them, they needed to understand creation. The best way to get to know the Creator is by understanding his creation.
It was men of God, men of religion who first set about this task.
Understand that the fact is that the truth of the Qur’aan and the Sound ahadith are all the proof a
Muslim needs. It will be through the sunnah that humanity will reach the heights.
The proof is in the history of the Khilafah (Caliphate). As Imaan, which is a word meaning trust in Allah and knowing through RATIONIAL thinking, NOT blind trust full of doubts, is raised in the community so are the level of ethics and a flourishing of all people occurs. When the Deen* of Islam is a living, vital, and the limits Allah has set forth in the Shariah are lived by all, especially the leadership of the nation, then we see greatness follow.
Yet, the collective Ummah is under a spell just as the world is. A Dajjal* has been released. It’s calls itself ‘science’ yet, its name is Shaytan. The web is set up to catch flies. The net is cast to catch fish and the violators of the sabbath are turned in to pigs and apes. The world is beguile-hypnotic-bedazzleing-damming/damning us to the abyss.
May Allah protect us from our selves. I admire the Amish, and the old Sudanese ‘aulama who said, regarding television, “there is a Shaytan in that box!”
Listen to Nuh Ha Meem Keller’s talk regarding pictures . Regardless of what maybe said negative about him, we must not throw the baby out with the bath water.
The reality is that we have the truth. Islam is the submission to the law Allah has set forth. One need recognize that without submitting there is only the temporary joy with no contentment.
The Dajjal, shaytan, and their minions have made us think that enjoyment. And pleasure of this world is only temporary. The sahaba or companions understood this very well. A deep understanding that goes down to the core of ones being. Just as one would never accept ten dollars change for a two dollar item bought with a twenty dollar bill, the Sahaba would never accept the technology we accept as a good thing.
It is a basic lack of a core understanding. It can be summed
up in the hadith of Aisha, and I
apologize for not giving an exact quote, “If the Prophet, salahu alyh wa sallam, had told the people to stop drinking and fornication, NO body would have become Muslim. It was the message of Akhira (afterlife) and a love and desire for Jennah (Paradise) that allowed people to become Muslim.”
*Deen is usually translated as religion. Yet the etymology of the words don’t match. Deen has to do with and exchange where religion has to do with a binding of an individual to a group.
*Dajjal is a word steaming from a verb which means to place pitch or tar over the mangy areas of a diseased camel in order to cover the disease and sell the call for more than it is worth.

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