US-Led Forces Intentionally Killing Afghan Civilians: Former PM

KABUL – Former Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai said that the US-led foreign troops in Afghanistan are deliberately killing Afghan civilians.

“Since the Americans and NATO came to Afghanistan, they have killed and done a lot of faults and crimes, especially in night raids, they killed innocent children, men and women, who did not intend to kill them,” he said in Kabul on Monday (7/5/2012[5/7/2012 US Format]).

“Unfortunately, they are doing this on purpose. While they say they support the human rights, justice and so on, what they are doing in Afghanistan is completely against the basic rights and justice for humans.”

Other former Afghan puppet officials also called on the American-led invader troops to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“Their solution is that the Western troops must leave, especially the Americans, they must go, if they want peace in this country. If they don’t leave, this means they are intentionally after the killing of the Afghans and there will be no end to this war until they are militarily present in Afghan soil,” Ahmadzai said.

US-led operations that led to civilian casualties have sparked angers across the country, giving rise to anti-US sentiments. The puppet government of Afghanistan has repeatedly condemned the attacks, but on the other hand, Karzai, the puppet president of Afghanistan has signed a strategic partnership agreement that allows the US to remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014 (the limit to US-NATO military presence in Afghanistan – ed). Strangely, after the many facts that have been exposed, that the rise in civilian deaths in Afghanistan is due to the foreign troops military operations, the UN still states that over seventy percents of Afghan civilian deaths are caused by Afghan Mujahideen attacks. A statement that has no basis.

Crusader America Admits Killing Afghan Civilians Through Air Raids KABUL – American-led forces have admitted that at least six Afghan civilians were killed in an air strike that they carried out last week in the South Helmand province. The ISAF NATO on Tuesday (8/5/2012) confirmed the death of the victims, all are members from the same family, in the 4th May attack. “From investigation, we are able to confirm the incident and we will officially apologize in a few days to the family of the victims,” said Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Upton from the southwest division of the ISAF command. Helmand provincial Governor’s Office issued a statement saying that a family was killed in an raid last Friday after the ISAF checkpoint in Sangin district was attacked.

“It was very unfortunate that six family members including two sons, three daughters and a middle-aged woman were killed in the incident,” the statement said.

Dozens of civilians were killed in NATO’S bombing in some provinces in the last couple of days, he added. On Monday, President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai warned the military commander of NATO and US Ambassador that the death of civilians is a threat to the strategic treaty which had just been signed between Kabul and Washington. Karzai told the Commander of ISAF, General John Allen and US Ambassador Ryan Crocker that, if the life in Afghanistan is not protected, the deal it would “lose its meaning.”

On 1st May, Karzai signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with US President, Barack Obama. This agreement extends the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan a decade beyond the withdrawal of foreign military in 2014. Iran and several other regional countries have expressed concerns about the controversial agreement that will allow thousands of US troops to stay in Afghanistan until at least 2024. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the operation led by crusader America during the past few months. America launched its air raids on settlements in Afghanistan, and continue to quibble that it is targeting militants. However, local sources pointed out that the main victims of the US-led offensive are civilians.

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