An Islamic understanding of the ‘White House’

In the name of Allah the entirely merciful the especially merciful, All the praise is for Allah lord of the worlds, who’s mercy has surpassed his anger.
Who sent the seal of the prophets Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, as guide for all humanity.
Allah has shown us in his final revelation the Holy Qur’aan that every age has a tyrant. The level of this tyranny reaches a level of insanity where the tyrant believes that he is ‘God’. In the Qur’aan this type of tyrant is personified in Fir’oun or Pharaoh. The word Pharaoh itself means ‘Big House’. So the principle that the position was a ‘Godhood’ is most likely more befitting to what the Ancient Egyptians believed, as opposed to each individual Pharaoh was a god. (Your author has not done extensive research so please correct him if this statement is incorrect.)
Similarly, in our own times edicts from the ‘White House’ are issued. They have become tantamount to a Papal Bull or a divine decree from the Pharaoh. For example, Pharaoh said “kill all first born of Bani israel”. The President has said nothing this egregious, however, he did say, “Kill Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki. I don’t like his new outspoken position supporting the Mujahideen. Kill his son too. Can’t have any unfinished business… I want an easy retirement like my predecessor.”
And so, with no trial, no jury no judge, Imam Anwar is supposedly killed. I say supposedly because many, many of Al-Qaeda ‘leadership’ have been killed several times. Look into it. Even Saddam Hussein was killed twice. This forces individuals of intellectual exercise to question these claims.

———–UPDATE Please read this for further insight into Imam Anwar Al-Awlaqi and his assassination————

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