The vivacity of the Police state and Death rattle of our Fourth.






This is Downtown Manhattan.
I do not subscribe to the official theory on 9/11. Nor will I bring out the evidence that completely discredits what the U.S. department of State claims as the facts regarding the events of that day.
However, for those who DO believe that 19 Saudi Arabians hijacked 4 airplanes and that the complete destruction of the World Trade Center was caused by the aforementioned jets and that the purpose of these hijackings was to change the day-to-day existence for average American citizens by having us lose our personal freedoms and to have us exist in a state of fear like most people in Palistine, and other countries in the Muslim world, then the ‘terrorist’ won. This check point is an example of just how they won. For we are no longer free. We must be frisked and have our bags checked without reasonable suspision as per the Constitution which inturn governed all code of conduct for police. We have no liberty and the tree that bears the sweet fruit of liberty is deprived of the particular arborists that know how to prune it properly.
Bitterest of all the irony is that although it is not visable in the photographs above, the Freedom Tower looms over this area. As on poet stated, an eyeless Molach mocking those blinded by their mental baggage.


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