Why Obama must Win!!!

First I must say that I REFUSE to participate in the electoral process. As this is not a nation that has a population that deserves to participate in the electoral process due to the pitiful level of ignorance that they live in.
Second, I agree with the viewpoint that a Muslim, in a nation where the following elements are in play, cannot in any good ethical state condone elections.
Primarily because the participants in an election are not going to make the laws based on what The Creator of the Heavens and Earth wants. Rather, they will make laws based upon their own whims and fancies, caprices and financial interests.
In addition to this as Muslims we choose our leaders from the best of society, not individuals who have promoted themselves. That is to say, the community pushes its leadership to the fore, as opposed to the leaders saying “Oh oh pick me, pick me!” The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon. him, warned us of the individual who desires power as a danger, a self interested person who wants only control for their agenda and the agenda of those who back them fiscally.
That being stated, Obama is the only choice for the following reasons.
Ralph Nader says his crimes are WORSE than Bush.
Obama is has violated the constitution by ordering the death of Imam Anwar al-Awlaki and his son, Abdurrahman, along with another U.S. citizen Samir Khan the editor of Inspire the alleged Al-Qaeda magazine, may Allah have mercy on them all.
This web site has come up with twenty five impeachable offences that should be investigated, yet due to the overlapping corruption of the two parties, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
Obama has violated his office with the invasion of Libya. The branch of government charged with the power to make war is congress. Yet, Obama stated that his rationale for the invasion of Libya was for the legitimacy of the United Nations. While this act was seen by many as “humanitarian”, Forbes called a spade a spade and a Neo-Con a Neo-con.
Nowadays those who dislike Obama are ‘seditious traitors’, while in reality and American tradition, the most patriotic act is to stand up to elected government servants (not officials) and tell them their agenda is not going to be tolerated and they will prosecuted for their crimes.
Then we have the N.D.A.A. or (National Defence Authorization Act) of 2012. We were at first lead to believe that he was against the bill.
Then it came to light. He fought for the most draconian portions of the legislation!!
Finacial magazines wondered at the police State tactics.
A group of journalists are sueing because the under this law they can be found guilty of material support of terrorists. The reality is their relationship is a working one. The journalist is must make contact with ‘terrorists’ so they can write the facts. The judgement was in favour of the reporters, however, the administration appealed the decision with unprecidented speed.
There are the kill lists. The term alone brings to mind Edi Amin or Pol Pot; a far cry from documents one would expect to be composed by the leader of the ‘free world’.
The death of Ambassador Stevens was a real tragedy. Not only for his family and friends, the people of Libya suffer as well. According to several accounts Stevens was lover of Arabs and Muslims. A man fluent in Arabic whose ardent desire was to see the people of the Arab nations thrive under full self determination. At first, the Administration stated that the protests were completly spontaneous. We find the reality, again, was the opposite of what they say. E-mails have surfacedthat show the administration had been warned that the protests were beyond just the typical protests that had occurred over the trailer of “Innocence of Muslims”. Israel has been looked at as possible suspect in the murder.
Most just believe that it what is known as ‘blowback’. That is to say, American foreign policy is seen as imperialistic by many nations. Most people will not tolerate being used and abused for the financial gain of others and the detriment if themselves. Unfortunately, violence is the only language our, meaning American, ‘leaders’ understand.
Thus, another term of Obama will bring the revolution out. Things will come to a head and people see the naked tyranny and aggression of United States against her own people. American citizens won’t tolerate it. And unfortunately, it may lead to civil war. However, the gains that could be made once Obama and companies ruthlessness comes out in the open could not occur if Romney is elected to office. For if Romney is elected the only people who would be against him would be Democrats, while if Obama remains both Democrats and Republicans would grow weary of the decline of the America they once knew. I can see the fall of the two party system as a result of the mid-term elections of a second Obama term.
Perhaps, if he stays in office his criminality will cresendoin some awful event by which impeachment will be called for. Yet, the interwoven nature of corruption on Capital hill will prohibit any Republicans from carrying out the proceedings. And we will, In sha Allah, see the two wings of the one party (the Republicans and the Democrats) fall to the side as a third, fourth, and I can pray, fifth party emerge to restore some sence of real Americana to this land.

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