Are Sovereign Citizens going to kill cops or is the FBI sowing the seeds for a self fulfilling prophecy?

Once again the F.B.I. is fanning the flames of hatred and paranoia between the Sovereign Citizens Movement and Law Enforcement Officials (how police transformed from ‘Peace Officers’ into ‘Law Enforcement Officials is a tool of neuro linguistic programing which went can discuss in articles to come.)
Based on what they consider to be a  “ medium confidence” level (that is to say information that is subject to the interpretation of the individual or group reading it) they are predicitining that Sovereign Citizens are going to initiate violent incidents during routine traffic stops.
A self fulfilling prophecy, L.O.E.’s are going to now be in a state of hyper vigilance. Any traffic stop involving a person with a copy of the Constitution in the passenger seat will be seen by the police as a would be terrorist. Most Sovereign Citizens understand that the Police are hired to do a job, however, the idea of asserting ones Sovereignty is to say that all employees of the state are our employees, hence the term public servant. So naturally police will be confrontational due to the sentiment they hold that any one is a potential threat. Conversely, sovereign Citizens view the police a servant and employee, so they will not be apt to follow orders. This is a recipe for disaster.
In addition, they have also rereleased the photography and videorecording warnings which state that people taking photos or videos of infrastructure are potential terrorists. Or even just looking at a building too long or asking questions about a building or piece of infrastructure is now suspicious!
Rental of a storage unit is also to be seen as a potential threat as the FBI state they will be used to house the material needed to make a bomb or other device to harm people.
This just the latest salvo in the FBI’s “do-it-yourself” war on terror. That is to say, for the past ten years the F.B.I. has provacatured every terrorist act that they have publincised in the media. Fully explained here in a Democracy Now! documentary, in all REALITY there have been no TERRORISTS in the United States that have not been completely and utterly guided controlled and financed by the FBI. Akin to a mechanic who knowingly uses faulty replacement parts in your car so you return six months later for more work to be done.
There are no TERRORISTS! The FBI has made themselves necessary in the eyes of the public regarding the “War on Terror”.
In order to change the momentum of this, these actions should be taken. Film, photograph, and stare at public buildings and ‘Officials’. This will show how ridiculous these warnings are. An incredulous populous will be made to see the foolishness of these warnings.


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