A Wrestler becomes a Wali

This story exemplifies the love all Muslims should have for AHL-Bayt. And I am NOT A SHIA.

Monthly Noor


The story of Hadrat Junaid Baghdadi is truly inspiring. It is a story of sacrifice and intention, and it shows that no action done in love of Rasulullah (ﷺ) and his family is considered small in the eyes of Allah (Exalted and Majestic is He).

“Junaid Baghdadi earned his livelihood as a professional wrestler. As was the norm, the Leader of Baghdad announced one day, “Today, Junaid Baghdadi will demonstrate his skills as a wrestler, is there anyone to challenge him.” An elderly man shakily stood up with his neck quivering and said, “I will enter the contest with him.”

Whoever was witness to this scene could not contain themselves, they burst out howling with laughter, clapping their hands. The King was bound by the law. He could not stop someone who of his own free will entered the bout. The elderly man was given the permission to enter the ring…

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