Why is the New York city transit system a ” constitution free zone”?

بسم الله الرمان الحيم
I was arrested last night and released. I was on the train exercising my first amendment right, in the form of panhandling. Yes, that is what I do.
The NYCMTA is a constitution free zone. In barring people from panhandling, they are violating the first amendment. In addition, they insist in they have the right to search a person and their belongings. This is a violation of the the fourth amendment. All of this is due to a fact that most New Yorkers are unaware of . Once you enter in to the transit system, you are on private property.
However, the MTA does receive tax subsidies and some state and federal funding to operate. Being private property doesn’t negate the fact that the Constitution of the United States of America can not be disregarded or breached by any entity, right?……
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Addendum: After the arrest mentioned in this article, I was arrested again for “Theft of service”. Both times I was told that I have a warrant from 2000. However, my lawyer was unable to have it vacated because it didn’t show up in the system that the Unified Courts of New York City relies on for it information regarding individuals in their custody.
Addendum II
There is a gentleman who hands out religious literature in the train station at 125 & Lexington avenues. I spoke with him yesterday. He said that he has been arrested twice. He does not ask for donations. He freely gives his information.

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