The Relief Bus

There is a bus that comes to Harlem called the Relief Bus. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon  big cups of soup, big soft rolls, & personal hygiene packages. They hand out soon out to the homeless men and women, the downtrodden the, people or hungry people who are any coming and also people who are lonely During the week they visit various other locations. But I get to see them when they’re in Harlem.


They reach out the down and out. The alcoholic, the addict, the homeless, those deemed ‘worthless’ by the majority of society.
Yet, in the Bible, these are the folk from what I have been told these are the people who Jesus the Son of Mary
عسى ابن مريم عليهما سلم would have reached out to.


This is something we, as Muslims should be doing. Granted, I have my problems but the fact of the matter is that the majority of Muslims, 1) do not know their rights as American citizens, 2) are too cowardly to utilize them. The best example of this adhan, or call to prayer. It is something that should be done out loud. However, when I confront the board of most mosques they have some lame excuse about the level of ohms, or some nonsensical excuse about bothering the neighbors. But the church bells chime, on the hour, every hour. Again I am no shining star of Islam nor am I an exemplary Muslim, but I do know that the Adhan is not just for human ears. The angels are also supposed to hear that and then is that fair to them? The Djinn also have a right it hear the Adhan. The masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn on Bedford and Fulton avenues makes the as an out loud. Prior to my Islam we wife,then girlfriend would go to the roof and listen to the fajr adhan.
We need a relief bus, we need that آذان out loud, and we need to help the poor and needy and sick in this city. Otherwise we will be filling the prophecy of the Prophet محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم when he said that we will become like the scum on the ocean. In abundance but worthless.

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