Liquid Handcuffs a poem

A prisoner yet seemingly free/
The bars are internal chemically/
Many of us blown dandelion pollen/
And we have been counted out forgotten/
A R.U.I.D. Number replaced my name/
In daze of youth a badge of honor/
Now a  shame forced on a father/
And what can be said that only remaining is perhaps an empty hope/
Yearning for freedom new-vista-new-scope/
Wondering to my self if the tears are crocodile— I wear liquid handcuffs I’ll be here for a while/
Only one sweating on a cold train /
A warm soft hug via a needle in my vein/
Brought me nirvana the blown out candle/
A cold wind from a demon-vandle/
Vandalized by Rockefeller trickery/
Did dole, Nyswander, Primm and the rest/
Comprehend they would be taking us from our best/
Gary Webb dug deeply found ugly truth/
I would lay it all out however I have no proof/
Comprehending folly thrice/ without our children she now cares for the mice/
Why I am not the 9-5/
I burn inside because I’m alive/
Alive with self-disgust I burn/
“tear down the wall jury face the worm”/
Missed my chance to life in glory for eternity/
Due to unrepaired mistakes burned too many bridges as they scorch me/
Again I hurt myself longing to understand if my tears are crocodile/
With liquid handcuffs the escape will take a while

من عبد المذلّ

من عبد المذلّ

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