How does the NYPD view the public? ‘Black vs. Blue’ ‘Us against Them’. Outlook of the occupier.

The recent murder of two police officers,  bring to question what is going on nationwide. First in Ferguson, MO. the police slaughter of Michel Brown and then the death of Eric Garner here in new York have been presented to the public

According to CNN, authorities haven’t established the gunman’s motive, but they’ve noted that Brinsley, 28, broadcast his plans to kill police on social media. And in some of his posts, investigators have said, he mentioned the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, African-American men who were killed by police.

However, seldom is the murder of  Kelly Thomas brought to the attention of the populous. Why? Could it be that Mr. Thomas was a homeless man who suffered from  mental illness? Perhaps it is because Mr.Thomas was a White man? In officers who beat Mr. Thomas to death, as he begged for his father, a retired police officer the police mocked Mr. Thomas as he cried. There is plenty of the footage of his murder on Out of respect, these videos will not be reposted here. And, again, the murders were acquitted.

The officers murdered New York City, on December 22, 2014, were men of color. One was Chinese and the other Latino. Thus, we must understand, from the cases cited above that it is not a problem of  race or “Hate Crime’. It is a problem of police procedure. The core of this being, and from whence these feelings arise is not to be made a topic of conjecture.

Rather it is plain to see that somewhere an ‘Us against Them’ mentality has taken over not only the police, but the public at large plays its role in reinforcing this model. Second is the perception that many police have (again generalities are not rules without their natural exceptions) that they are above the law.

A good example of this is the use of sirens to go through red lights, double parking  not to make an arrest or attend to a call  but to buy food. The murder of innocent people will never cease, until this perception of police changes. Long ago I was told the majority of the police are trained and exhibit the behaviour of an occupying army…

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