The Truth of History of Extremist Thought

In the audio explanation of his book, Purification of the Heart, by Hamza Yusuf he makes the following archetypical analysis of the extremist. The Puritan pilgrims who fled Europe in order to live an quasi-monastic lifestyle left humanity with a history of slaughter like no other. The native population, MASSACRED. The ‘Triangular Slave Trade’, God only knows how many were killed or died enroute.
Fast forward to their lifestyle of their progeny.


He then looks at the Germans, the birth place of Protestant theology, then the birth place of Werner Van Braun and the V2 rocket.
After the second  World War, we see the extreme Jewish/Zionists behavior toward the Arabs. And not just Muslim Arabs, the slaughter includes Jewish and Christian Arabs as well.
From what I gather just by listening, the aforementioned audio was recorded prior to 2000, so the destruction of the World Trade center is not mentioned.  Due to the controversial nature of the facts of the who, how, & why of 9/11, I will omit it. However, look at the actions of what Irshad Soofie calls the Protestant State of Saudi Arabia . Their extremist view, that is to say the Wahhabi or so-called Salafi (I say so called because their claims of following the Salafi us-sawleeh are just claims, they’re muftis say one thing and the  ‘princes’ do another. In addition, the majority of the scholars are orthodox in their outlook. Also, never forget the psychological colonization of that nation. The American influence is to such an extent, especially with the “Royal Family.” As with post-colonial nation states, they view the colonizer as better. And so the Ministry of Education and human refinement,
(الوزارة التربئة و التعلوم)
has made a system in which the more intellectual (i.e. they enjoy learning, solving problems that require mental prowess, and they thrive in an environment of intellectual challenge) are sent, by the aforementioned ministry to become doctors and engineering (of course, in schools in the language of the former colonizer, so West Africa is French, as well in the Levant. English in Nigeria, Sudan, and thusly.) The second level under this group are sent to become civil servants, like attorneys, teacher, etc. And they lowest level are sent to become scholars of Islam.
So we have, in general we have Islamic scholars who lack intellectual curiosity. Of course, I’m speaking in generalities, so of course there are exceptions especially in families who have a history of father to son Islamic scholarship.
In fact the name Saudi America is more suitable) is their rationale for the bombing of Yemen. Yemen is the POOREST of all the nation-states on the Arabian Peninsula. Yet, because of a small number of Zaidies, Hoothies and other communities who live by a slightly different interpretation of the sunnah or are Shi’a, Saudi America has been bombing these groups who have no air defense to speak of.

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