I have come to realize that Anwar Al-Awlaqi was right!

How can I, regardless of my internal struggles, be an American citizen and endorsed by my silence, endorse American foreign policy.  I therefore, renounce openly what the Government I live under has done.

This is not a rejection of my US citizenship, rather it is a rejection of the policies that the US government has used since her founding. The ideals of the Constitution are sound, however, many don’t understand  or utilize these freedoms.

From the lie that the Emperor of Japan rejected the treaty is peace, so that the destructive fruit of the Manhattan project could be used on human beings, to the ongoing war with North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada, Nicaragua, Iraq both the double cross of Saddam and the lies they told to sell the First gulf invasion, to the sanctions of Iraq thereafter that killed over one million children, to the invasion & occupation of Afghanistan, the invasion of Somolia to the CIA’s current war as ISIS. Come what may, it prison, exile, torture or DEATH. I AM A CITIZEN OF THE Ummah OF MUHAMMAD صلى الله عليه آله وسلّم. Allah will make an exit for me somehow. Life here is intolerable because most Americans could careless that taxes, taken without our consent, are used to kill children.
Imam AnwarAl-Alawlaqi IS correct. I say ‘is’ because the martyr or الشاهد never dies.

You may hear contrary to this by the so-called Salafi’s, if you do, bear in mind that the majority of Salafi Imams are funded by Saudi America. I don’t agree with his notion of ‘martyrdom operations’. I do agree that no Muslim who understands their Deen can really accept living in America. The majority of immigrants, who I have asked, both Muslim and non-Muslim, DESPISE living in the modern day Babylon. However, the history of the last 100 years have made it a necessary for them to seek their sustenance here.
However, there are some who are dead from the neck up. An immigrant like that suffers from post-colonial stress disorder.
They want to share the outlook of the W.A.S.P (White Anglo Saxon Protestant). These are the house niggers, the coconuts, the colored sheriffs. They are the enemies of their own people.
Allah will punish them, in sha Allah, by our hands!

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