An unfortunate series of missed opportunities

That the title of my life. As most of you are aware, the difference between من اذكر الله و ما كمثل الحيّ والميت and since I’ve been alibe I have missed on opportunity because of my concerns for the emotional states of those who I care for.
Perhaps, I , I believing this, I could be incorrect, because, in the end ALLAH knows best.
So I am warning you ALL. Do not permit emotional attachments to anything of this life stop you from what you see as an opportunity for hassanaat in your mezaan, good in your accounting, do not pass it up. And remember the ayat
“Who  took  their  religion  as  distraction  and  amusement  and  whom  the  worldly  life deluded. So  today  We  will  forget  them  just  as  they  forgot  the  meeting  of  this  Day  of theirs  and  for  having  rejected  Our  verses.”
And their is another ayat that state how the people  of jennah will say to their companions of this life “you almost destroyed me”.
None of us want this. What happens to us I don’t know. Why we allowed emotional attachments to distract us, I don’t know.
However, now it is completely clear to me why the Prophet Muhammad، صلى الله عليه وآله و ,سلّم
Said to Omar Ibn Al-khattab, “Your iman is not complete until you love me more than anyone, including your own self.”
This is not because of some egotistical attitude. This is so that we place the sunnah, which is what Allah سبحانه و تعلى wants for us above our own desires. And the great majority of what we want is of the worldly life. Most of desires are capricious.
In the end the will lead us to ruin. And this is the consensus of the scholars.

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