I saw this little guy, or gal


It reminded me of the movie

I saw this little guy, a few days ago, and it really made me think about the movie in which the ladybug was male. So why do we call the lady bugs and not something like, red spotted beetle. I’m not an Entomologist so I can’t tell you exactly how they breed But did not worms and they’re not asexual.
Therefore, there has to be a male ladybug and the female ladybug nt understand English which I’m sure they understand the feeling like most animals understand our feelings the male of the species is probably very offended just like in the movie.
“Awe look at the cute little lady bug.”, a human being says to another human being. And that male ladybug must be feeling like saying I’m a I’m a male stop calling me a lady.
Just labels right, just the name is right, like nigger, Kike, spic, camel jockey etc etc etc. It seems to me that’s the only group of people that have a label such as the ones aforementioned are wasps.
Frankly I think the W.A.S.P.( white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) like being called that. For that is what they do, get together in groups, And Sting us to death, by injecting there venomous thoughts into the minds of our children in school, and adults and children In entertainment and news media.
Perhaps you have never heard this said, but there is a saying, white makes right. Some people say might makes right. However, for the past approximately 550 years the saying should be white makes right.


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