The Multiplicity of Meaning in American Propaganda.

         Since the term ‘propaganda’ was first coined by the Catholic Church (Propaganda de Fide), it has been a part of the Occidental lexicon with a pejorative connotation. It was not until after WWII when utilized by the Axis Powers did the current connotation and use of the word to describe the mechanism of the NAZI public relations apparatus that Gerbbles employed to rouse the German people do believe that the ‘Aryans’ are a blonde and blue eyed race of ‘Ubermech’ (supermen), better then all humanity…..

     However, it is rare indeed to find a person, today, who can identify what is propaganda and how to ward off it’s spell. The ubiquity of modern propaganda makes most people today in able to identity it because they sit and enjoy propaganda as a for of entertainment and a source of information about the world they life in.

         Although these statements are met with opposition, that is due to the simple fact that the majority of people do not take the time to analyse the producers of there entertainment or verify the veracity of statements by news outlets or there sources.

       Additionly, the proof of these statments are met with opposition simply because to admit to the reality of them means to question EVERYTHING.
The most insidious means of propaganda in entertainment. As the cobra dances hypnotically to lull it’s prey to sleep, so too does entertainment. The consumer of entertainment media enters a state of suspended disbelief wherein they absorb, through osmosis, the degenerate moral compass we see so pervasive in our era.
Many individuals will say, with full conviction, “You can’t believe everything in the news.” However, these same people will relate a tale, a fictional account from a movies or television show, as if it is real.
Shows like ‘Law & Order’, ‘ER’, etc. are quoted and recounted as if the stories are real. However, in reality, one purpose for the existence of these shows is to weaken the resistance of individuals to the orders and recommendations of those who practice medicine (practice being the operative word, meaning that the science of medicine is not all encompassing of the knowledge that exists, nor is any doctor capable of knowing everything there is to know) and enforce the laws and regulations legislated by city council, Congress, and other legislative bodies.
The news media, with it’s twenty-four hour cycle is a powerful form of propaganda. Prior to the advent of the radio, all newspapers, in the United states were openly controlled by what are now called a ‘special interests’. Unions, guilds, political parties, and wealth influential individuals, controlled what was published by the papers. Eventually the control became more under handed and became less open.
However, with the advent of the radio and then the television, the abilities to manipulate public opinion became stronger as the controllers used their influence to subvert their oppositions gains by means of the news media. An excellent example is the survey or so-called research study that is presented as a unbiased work of news while in fact the source is the beneficiary of the piece.
As in the case if Oprah vs. the cattle Men’s Association. She gave, what is in reality, the facts about the consumption of excessive red meat. And for that she was punished.
In conclusion, the collusion of organizations and individuals with the media are the present day propaganda machine.


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