Shredded fabric.

Peace be upon those who follow guidance,
When I first became a Muslim it was the ideals of the Sufi that appealed to me the most. As time went on I started to be exposed to the other threads of the torn fabric of the Ummah or Nation of Islam. The list of the schools of thought and the sects have been exhausted elsewhere and reiteration is redundant at this point. How these came in to being at this point in time is irrelevant. The fact of matter is that in 1924 the British empire had the Ottoman
Caliphate dismantled and installed ‘puppets’ through the young Turks as detailed by Carroll Quigley in his seminal work, Tragedy and Hope: The history of the world in our time. 

This is not opinion, rather a sad fact. Without love for the Prophet Muhammad, Sala Allahu ‘alyihe wa sallam, the belief of a Muslim in incomplete. And it it the so-called Salafi movement that has reduced status  of Prophet Muhammad, Sala Allahu ‘alyihe wa sallam, form the AMBASSADOR of the creator of the heaves and earth to a Mailman, just to deliver a message……

Sad and disgusting are thus Muslims who think that the monstrosity of the clock tower is a good thing…..




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